Caviar from the Caspian sea

Shrimps japanese style - Salad

Quails filled with mushrooms
Potatoes, Brussels sprouts

(Very) smelly choice of cheese

Vacherin (ice-creamed cake)

  36th BIRTHDAY...
Extraordinary with french and israeli visitors, one of them born on the same day. Everything flew lightly, the meal went on from 9 pm to 4 am but nothing was left.
As everytime I'm preparing something a little unusual, I was prepared for quantities of food remaining and spare bottles which would return quietly to the cellar. But this time, we made it so slowly and with such a simple wish to enjoy that we broke all the plans I ever made before. This explains that my choice of wines may look unequal sometimes.
May be the wines were not enough the central point for a fanatic of the subject, but as a beautiful companion of the food and enhancer for the pleasure around, they were great... Sure I like this page !