South American steak

Overcooked pasta

Selected local Camembert

All is made with easy to find materials. This kind of bomb is what I would dream to give to my worst enemies. The "pashteda" is a local specialty I've been fed with during my first weeks in Israel. Undefined mix of vegetable, melt with a lot of flour and left an undefinate time in the oven. The south American steaks look beautiful until the moment when you try to cook them. They smell like a hidden for weeks cadaver, reduce by two third of their size and the charcoal left is, that's the less I can say, doubtful. Then did you ever try to overcook seriously pasta ? I mean something like 2 hours in boiling water. Do it especially with the colored ones, it's fun all the water gets colored ! Don't ask about the pasta, it's frightening. Finally, a selected. Camembert illustrates well what's called in France "a piece of plaster". The wines I selected are really awful. Best served chilled… terrible stuff. This could be a nice joke if I had not been in it already once.