Caviar from the Caspian sea
Pâté of liver with salad

Coq au vin (grouse in wine)

Potatoes cooked in the oven
Carrots with mushrooms

Choice of cheese

Fresh mango

With such a menu, there was no hesitation about the wines : only the best was allowed.
Tokay - Pinot gris is my favourite cepage from Alsace and it marries very well its subtility with the Caviar.
The Yarden-Katzrin Chardonnay, comparable to a good white Burgundy, fits well the rustic style of the pâté.
For the meat we chose Margalit. This very intense Cabernet is all indicated for a heavy cooked dish such as the "Coq au vin". On the second hand, it would have been a little difficult to find another red for the cheese that would complete but not compete after it.
With the dessert, the Golan Heigthwine is a rare sweet pearl of fruit that matches best fresh fruits such as the mango we chose or a green melon.