Foie Gras (Fat goose or duck liver paste) with green salad

Escargots (snails)

Pork steaks "A l'Ardennaise" (filled with ham and mushrooms)

Carrots with mushrooms

Good cheese (I had !)

Ice cream

D-Day (for diet day) is one day every year when the country totally stops for respecting a religiously followed day of devotion without any activity, food or drink... Imagine the TV stopped, the streets empty...
I'm not too much inside religious affairs, so this day is for us usually the occasion of concentrating a little bit more on food. I wouldn't make a barbecue outside (I don't want to make any provocation), but at home definitely, the ambiance is the best one can dream of for a good meal. This is what came out last year...
This is also the day when I open my cellar, so as every year, I took out some bottles we see only once a year. I would hardly find further comments about this selection (in fact I would have prefered a "Vendange Tardive" from Alsace at the end but I didn't have at that time)...