Meat in skewers : chicken chest
chicken wings
heart of ostrich

Salads (a lot of eggplant)


Salted cheese with olive oil

"Al Ha Esh", "On the fire", is the local barbecue, may be the strongest culinary tradition in Israel.
Using ostrich meat is my latest idea... and it works quite well.
Depending on the number of attendants and the conditions (you would drink a "grand-cru" in a plastic glass ?) I would go from a basic table wine to something much more sophisticated.
The Carmel Hilulim and Segal basic are acceptable choice when dealing with plastic glass. The Australian Hardy's is fine for "connaisseurs" placed in the difficult situation of the terrain.
The Pinot Noir from Oregon is the luxury option, but it definitely turns this primitive menu to a memorable meal.
There's of course a large difference of price between the different options as we cover a range from $ 4 to $ 20 !