Portobellos fried in olive oil

Heart of ostrich peppered in cream

Fried potatoes

Lettuce - cheese

  Viva Australia !
I remembered the days when my poor mother had to imagine a meal every day for the family and how it came out that once she prepared slices of heart of beef with onion and cream well peppered. Faced with the same situation, I started to look for a heart and what I could find was of ostrich. This is not only the cheapest meat one can dream of, coated with a delicious fat, this simple preparation turned to be a delight for gastronomes. I never succeeded in making fried potatoes as well as my grand-mother did 25 years ago, but I'm still following the advice that if there's too much butter, it's only a sign that there's not enough. A selection of wines not too much serious but definitely friendly for this quick and intimate cooking.