Shrimps with pink sauce

Salmon with capres and cream

Spinach in lemon sauce

White cheese

Green melon

This is unusual but my kids love fish. The problem is that we fear from the bones, so we restrain our fish consumption from time to time and only of the bone-free kind.
The pink sauce is a spicy surprising melt of yoghourt, mayonnaise and ketchup, refreshing, perfect with the shrimps.
The acid preparation of capres and lemon around the salmon and the spinach is a reminder of a delicious salmon with sorrel I ate once in a restaurant along the Atlantic ocean.
Concerning the wines, the whites were the obvious choice. Somehow, we're much less inspired by them than by the reds, so I keep much less whites than reds in the cellar. This explains the relative lack of homogeneity in this selection.