10 years ago, this collection was presented to me as the top of the local wine production, what was not completely true but quite close to the truth.
The most noticeable change with the years was the addition of new grape varieties and the introduction of some multi- varietal combinations, the noble varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Shiraz, etc.., being largely represented.
Alas, the wines come out generally flat and unidirectional, even if occasionnaly I found a little more interest in some of them such as the Cabernet. Difference due to a specific vintage ? Time after opening ? Service temperature ?
At about $ 9 for a bottle, more attractive products for the same price are quite common on the market today. The collection would require a serious lifting to reach today's standards.
The labels can be removed in cold water, but on some of them, the gold color is being dissolved. The labels shouldn't be left too long in water and handled with care and even this way...
The long sized label was introduced by the end of 2001 and should become the standard before mid-2002. I also put in this page an asiatic export version of one label with it's back for the fun of it.