A useful page. The "Friends of this page" are nice fellows with for each of them a beautiful interest in something related with wine and who honored, helped and motivated me by the time of my starting and funny site. Major Web or non Web label collectors, artists, designers... Beautiful sites and precious contacts.
The israeli winery links section includes the coordinates of the different local wineries having their own web site.
The "Interesting" section includes links to major sites about the israeli (and also other) wines. Made by people with far more knowledge than me, they give a lot of information about the local production and many indications for who whishes to consider it under a world wide perspective.
Finally I could not not include a list of the foreign wineries featured in my pages and which own a web site. Who can help me adding addresses would be most welcome...

The beautiful site of Mike Kellstrand (USA). My first link !
Tony Palfrey's site (Australia). Rich of 30 years of devotion to beautiful labels only.
(Belgium). A huge and very original collection of labels.
(Switzerland). A trip in space and in time through selected labels from an endless collection.
(Switzerland). The thematic site of the "Wineman". A lot of stuff in there !
(Japan). The site of Yuji Asanuma. Thematically organized labels from Japan and elsewhere. A site in japanese also available at
(USA). Art work around the themes of wine (interesting).
(Singapore). Alan Low's collection of miniature bottles of far-east wines. Thanks to the Net, it's here !


Ardoan de Longueau
(France) A (charming) personal page including a collection of old prestigious french wines. (In french) For non-french reading surfers click something below "Etiquettes de bouteilles de vin" and you should find yourselves...


Ernst Beyeler's site
(Switzerland) The site of a serious collector, allthough not too many labels displayed in there...


Mauro Manni's site of mini liqueur bottles
(Italy) Antique mini bottles and related articles such as advertisements. All new, all beautiful !!! (Spain). Creative design of wine labels (see the "Contributions" section). (Holland). Collector of wine labels with realistic representations of birds. (France). Collector of wine labels dealing with transports (trains, planes, trucks, cars, boats), celebrities (movies, sports, litterature, politics), humor and cartoons, music (intruments, concerts, musicians, festivals), birds and horses. (Argentina). A "young" collector from Argentina, not yet specialized and so interested in swapping any kind of labels. Do it ! (Sweden). The first collector I encounter from a country which produces absolutely no wine. See samples in the contributions . Wine lovers are all around the world !


A list of the israeli wineries which own a web site (from A to Z) :


Alon (in Hebrew).


Amphorae (in English).


Anatot (in Hebrew, English under construction).


Barkan (in English and Hebrew).


Binyamina (Rebuilt, Hebrew only).


Caesaria (In English and Hebrew).


Carmel Mizrahi (English and Hebrew, English part recently upgraded).


Domaine du Castel (Rebuilt, English only).


Château Golan (English and Hebrew).


Dalton (English and Hebrew).


Efrat (Mostly Hebrew).


Galil Mountain (English and Hebrew).


Golan heights winery (English and Hebrew).


Hamasrek (Hebrew only).


Harel (English only).


Margalit (English only).


Meishar (Hebrew only).


Nachshon (Hebrew only).


Recanati (English only).


Saslove (English and Hebrew, recently rebuilt).


Soreq (Hebrew only).


Tabor (Hebrew only).


Tishbi (English and Hebrew).


Tzora (English and Hebrew).


Yaffo (Hebrew only).


Some sites of general interest concerning the wine in Israel and elsewhere...
(Israel, in English). May be the biggest fanatic of Burgundy wines on the Net and he has to be from Tel-Aviv ! Hundreds of notes, a lot of Burgundy of course but also escapades in other areas, other countries and in Israel. Only the best !
(Israel, in English). The site of a recognised professional. Hundreds of notes about the wines from Israel and abroad, articles, afterthoughts. The navigation can be a little tricky, but the content is a real mine.
(Israel, in Hebrew, some English). Exhaustive and well updated site about the israeli wines and wineries.
(Israel, in English). The site of the largest israeli manufacturer of labels and labeling systems. Supplier of many of the wineries featured in this site. A look at my fetish from a very different point of view.
(Israel, in English, some Hebrew). The personal page of one of the researchers of the wine team of the Volcani institute. Interesting and professional data about the local wine industry.
(France, in french). There are many sites giving good recipes. But this one is unique by this it touches at all the aspects of culinary techniques and is so well built that it should inspire any beginner. Brilliant under any standard, a must.
(USA, in english). Ben Bicais's site about the californian wines. Comprehensive, intelligently made, full of information collected through a rich personal experience and with not a few good advices, this non commercial site will catch the attention of any wine lover surfing on it.
(USA, in english). Discussion community for promoting home brewing of beer, wine, mead and cider. Also pub talk and other discussions about commercial beer/wine/mead & cider.


Sites of foreign wineries featured in this site. (from A to Z) :


Baron Philippe de Rothschild (France).


Les collines du Bourdic (France).


Castello Banfi (Italy).


Cellier des Dauphins (France).


Vinas del Vero (Spain).


Gandia (Spain).


Hardys (Australia).


Paul Jaboulet (France).


Klur (France).


Léon Beyer (France).


Saltram (Australia).


San Pedro (Chile).


Trimbach (France).


Two oceans (South Africa).