If you're involved somehow with wine labels (designer, collector...) and would like to expose some on the web, this place is open !
Interesting and specialized themes, exotic origines, esthetic quality, there's a lot of reason why I would publish more labels here, even if this is with the regret that my chances are thin that I will ever know what was inside the bottle !
I definetely prefer real labels to scans. The feeling of the paper or getting to see the real size of the label are factors that the scan doesn't render. Also, the electronic media is great, but I still have a lot of simpathy for my album and showing it impressed already many people who would never have thought that wine labels could be collected !
10 contributors at this stage for this page but this is growing.

Spanish labels from

A trip in time & space from the Wineman

Austalian and New Zealand labels from Tony Palfrey


Birds from Kees Penninx

Argentinian labels from Maria Andrea Disatnik


Kosher wine labels from The mendel wine shop

Labels from Luxemburg from The wine labels world

Various labels from Emmanuel Maillard


Labels from the cold
Rolf Lektell

Original french stuff
Yvon Jezequel