Considering my origins, I can hardly be objective, nevertheless...
It's first hardly conceivable in France to have a meal which would not end with some nice smelly cheese and some kind of wine. Even in the restaurants of the manufactures or at the army, there is wine available. The everyday dinnner of every family is almost always accompanied by some nice, fresh wine of a second rank origin. The family events are the occasion for serving delicious meals with selected pearls, there's also no limit as this is the way that each foyer manifests it's prosperity. Everything is within the hand of the owner of the place who presents his best culinary talents with the best wines he owns.
On the second hand, there are also products "Made in France" which are aimed only for supplying their ratio of alcohol to dependant consumers. Awful "Vins de Table", doubtful "Mélanges de vins de la communauté européenne" and various "Vins de pays d'Oc".
The south-east of France is certainly the place that one should look at for the future. Considerable efforts are made there in order to make the "Vins du pays d'Oc" competitors of the best Chateaux. The process is not complete and the value of what can be obtained under this location is yet not quite sure, but things are only getting better.
The word "France" is enough in Israel to inflate the price of wines a non tolerable way. The "big" names are available, but definitely beyond affordability.
I divided my french labels between those available at a grocery or a supermarket, a specialized wine shop and those I brought by myself or got as a present.

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