I continue considering that France still holds the reference position about variety and elegance for quality wine. Not for entering a sterile debate about which country is making the "best" wwines, but for underlining that it's difficult being interested in wine without giving them some respectable space.
With the development of the wine culture in Israel in the last years, the offer of french products grew exponentially... and my little collection of labels started also to grow at a non negligeable rate. I decided therefore to divide this section in pages related to each region.
For years, I saw only poor and doubtful "Vins de Pays" sold for delirious prices because of the "product of France" statement. I'd not say that the prices miraculously turned to only bargains, but very good wines can be affordable, while many "less prestigious" AOCs yield beautiful wines at competitive price. Nothing to compare with bulk stuff from some other countries...
In the conflict between "terroir" and "varietals", the, so far unequaled, character of the old regions is a plea for the traditional french approach. But the qualitative development of newcomers notably in the south-east of France shows that french wine making is not only locked inside traditions but open to the competition of the future.
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Alsace : 5 labels Burgundy : 6 labels Rhone : 9 labels Pays d'Oc : 20 labels South-West : 4 labels Bordeaux : 10 labels Loire : 2 labels