A pioneer of the boutique-wineries in Israel, Margalit has turned to be almost a legendary wine very much sought for by the public of local wine lovers.
The most frequent comment about Margalit wines is an emphasize of their heavy character what could make one fear of an unidirectional wine what is far from the truth and makes me prefer talking about an intense wine.
The main line is based on Cabernet Sauvignon (the only one I had the luck to enjoy), but Margalit also produces from Merlot and Chardonnay.
It's easy to find commentaries about these wines which, by their reputation and price ($ 40 for a bottle or more), are definitely targeted toward the public of wine lovers. Yet, some people do not only collect them but drink them, I suppose. We enjoyed the Cabernet with a Coq-au-Vin (a delicious heavy aromatic preparation of grouse) and it would match well any serious preparation of meat with sauce. About cheese, it could be a nice match if we could find easily the real good non pasteurized smelly french stuff.
As I see them, Margalit wines are true israeli wines, full of character worth to be kept and enjoyed with selected food.