A state-of-the art winery installed next to a spectacular vineyard on the promising terroir of the down Jerusalem hills : this winery was built with the means and the ambition for imposing itself as one of the major actors of the kosher market.
Situated at the higher price range of the local production, I found so far the reds somewhere lacking in focus for considering them as attractive options for their quality/price ratio. On the other hand, I liked the Sauvignon-Blanc I sampled there which remindered me the one of neighbouring Tzora : almost transparent but surprisingly full in body.
The wine that I store regularly is the very pleasant Muscat-dessert. Sticky-sweet but with a balancing lively acidity, rich and deep... and reasonably priced.
The rigor one feels from visiting both the vineyards and the top-notch winery gives great confidence about the future of this still infant estate.