One has first to visit this extraordinay estate for understanding what's going on there. Nestled in the south of the Golan Heigths the Château Golan at Moshav Eliad is certainly the most spectaculary winery I saw in Israel. My thougths turned from "crazy" to Holywood, particularly when entering the breath taking barrel cellar. I don't know about such a spectacular place in Israel and probably not about much equivalent abroad.
A tour of the wines on site was not less convincing. Finesse is here and the opportunity to compare the still first vintages of the winery was a fascinating experience.
Varietals : Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon and the subtile blend "Eliad" and nicely built Sauvignon-Blanc wait for the release of new surprises.
That this pleasure is commercially not for every day's little pleasure is quite obvious, but as said in an old french movie : "price is soon forgotten, but quality remains".