Personaly, I find in the wines of this brand new winery another confirmation of the terrific potential of the Jerusalem hills as a great wine area.
So far, were released only the 2001 Cabernet-Merlot blend and a 2002 Chardonay, the later actually made from grapes from the nearby kibbutz Tzuba and not from the 13 ha of the estate.
Marked with a style of elegance, the debate and the future of the red will be based and dependant of the influence of wood which at this stage, at least in my opinion, stays too dominant.
But I have no question about the Chardonay which left me speechless. I don't know a lot of varieties that can bore me as a poor Chard, but this one owns all the brilliancy one can hope from the bests. Both crisp and structured, long, multilayered, the best way to report about it is to pour a second glass and to enjoy that while totally different from the first one, it develops the same totally enticing grip. A new star is born !