I had the luck to taste this wine at the yearly show of Israeli wines in Jaffa in February 2003. A luck because the wine is only available at the winery or at several restaurants around in the north of Israel, but also because it was a delight.
An organic grown vineyard is not so common in Israel. The insistence of mobilizing the whole settlement for harvesting or even playing music in the barrel rooms are not generally considered as the main necessities of wine making, nevertheless from the few drops I succeeded to enjoy, the wine was delicious : a very nice concentration of ripe black fruit, which after playing in the mouth reminded my senses about the bowl of blak olives layed on the table and then a pleasant backbone of smooth tannins and balanced acids promising that the wine will hold well for some more time.
This is probably the first time that I build a page about a wine we didn't have on our table. I'd really enjoy changing this.