Better known as the last retreat of Ben-Gurion, Sde-Boqer holds what I'd qualify as a vineyard of the extreme in the dry Negev. Until recently the grapes of this somehow excentric vineyard were used only by the "big" wineries and particularly for the Special Reserve of Tishbi, a wine I keep in my top 10 in Israel regularly.
With no little ambition winemaker Zvi Remak started to produce wine on site, so far at a short scale but with the non hidden ambition to give to the winery growing to the status of the "boutiques" with several tens of thousands bottles produced every year.
Hours of sun and a long time in oak gave to this Cabernet and Merlot a round-polished character. Probably not meant for long time ageing, the wines were delicious in their straight fruity style. Personaly I appreciated them most with cream sauced veal.