I wasn't too much enthousiastic about the first release of this young wineries which was marked by the two most frequent sins of israeli "boutique" wine making : lack of balance and outrageous price ! The "postcard" label was interesting, but hardly readable.
The release of 2001 was much less pretentious, much better balanced. The fruit was generous, the wines good examples of the israeli average league.
The winery was later purchased by a branch of Coca-Cola (!), what didn't cause any harm to it's activity and on the contrary lead to the latest release : a top blend and a very intriguing "Adama" (hearth in Hebrew) collection of wines separately bottled depending on the kind of soil the vines grew on. A pretty wise way to allow one not only to enjoy the wines, but also to make his own analysis of the impact of the soil.
The logo stylizes the round shape of mount Tabor which overlooks the village of Kfar Tabor.