The label of the Classico is appealing and I read good comments about this starter wine of the Flam winery. It's price was somewhere about $ 15, so I decided to try it, sure I was of what I can expect from an israeli Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot blend, even if a 50 % - 50 % share is not the usual way in this kind of blends...
And what a surprise ! One of the best israeli wines I ever had. Both powerful and delicate, totally elegant with a marked italian accent, I wish I would have now some dozens of bottles of this wine so I could take a few sips every fridays for the years to come. Great ! I love it !
I was as patient as one should be before approaching the "Reserves" which are simply huge wines. What can one say when a wine plays being enormous and as graceful as a ballet dancer ? When the taste buds are stimulated by endless layers of flavors ?
Demonstrating consistancy over the years, the Flam bros. certainly marked a significant milestone in defining the potential of the Cabernet-Sauvignon - Merlot couple in a country still looking for it's future champion grape variety.