I visited this family owned and ran winery once three years ago and recently and it was a pleasure to see how the place is evolving.
Three years ago, it was on a satursday. The place was crowded with tourists, the wines themselves seemed almost an accessory and except a lot of wood, I remember subdued fruit... not too much excitement.
Three years later with more than 30k bottles a year, the winery has more than tripled it's production. Improved vine management and probably wine making techniques, two well identified collections of wines ("Reserved" and "Special Reserved ") deliver well focused products. Cabernet and Merlot are almost massive. The ripe fruit ideally balance the long wood ageing, the whole promit a nice ageing potential.
A beautiful expression of the hot "terroir" of the Soreq valley and another illustration of the potential of the "Yoav and Yehuda" region on the local wine scene.