I have a long story with this wine allthough that I first tasted it only one week before making this page. Tekoa is one of the israeli settlements in the west bank and that sentence is usually enough to raise enough politic sensibilities to close the debate at this stage. I'll summarize it by this only conclusion that the future of the winery is under a certain uncertainty. The fact is that I heard first about the wine through my now closest friend in Israel, telling me about this extraordinary guy digging with almost bare-hands a wine-cellar on the middle of the desert.
It took a while before I found a bottle, but in the meantime I learned also about the singular attitude of making an "organic" wine with the most surprising variety of grape (Berlinka) that only one new winery is trying now to make wine out of it in Israel when it's original purpose is to be a table grape. (Hey, man I sound suddenly like an expert, I just read... you thought I knew something about Berlinka ???).
The wine itself : the lovers may discribe it as refreshing, for me it was just quite flat, but considering the parameters above it was unskipable...