The largest collection of the winery, it includes as well the already acknowledged wines, some cheap and lighter alternatives which can be found in the supermarket, the most innovative products and a prestige collection under the name "Katzrin" from the name of the city where the winery is installed.
The "Hermon" red and white are the popular options. Pick and drink wines, they are an excellent option for a light meal. (Look for them in my menus). With the "Yarden Dessert" they are the only wines of the collection available in supermarkets. The multiple other products are found only in specialized shops and illustrate the reference status of the winery. The Cabernet-Sauvignon costs more than $ 20 primeur and gets quickly value with age. This is fair for a wine with a lot of complexity... (By the way I'm going to open a 95 tomorrow and I feel already excited !).
Finally the Katzrin collection, top of the top, is certainly the ultimate that can be found in Israel. Unfortunately I've been able to afford "only" the Chardonnay, but it proved being a truely great wine, that with some aging can amaze by it's complexity.