I discovered the wines of Tzora thru the 1998 vintage. Both the Cabernet-Sauvignon and the Merlot were appealing (I loved the Merlot !) and reasonnably priced. Both were the companions of many meals at home...
But the winemaker, Ronnie James, moved by a fascination for the concept of terroir, is moving forward his winery to the production of distinctive wines which would reflect each one it's particular origin. To such an extent that the reds are programmed to wear the name of their plot only. A revolution in Israel when most of the wines are still varietal.
At this stage and from a tasting at the winery, the quality of the wines stands between very good for the cheapest to truely excellent for the top range, all reasonably priced.
Programmed to turn kosher and to start exporting from the 2002 vintage, the winery of Tzora should comfort it's situation as one of the leaders of the movement of quality producing boutique wineries in Israel.