Thanks again to a friend, I had the occasion of discovering this winery by participating at the harvest of year 2000. The whole surface of the vineyard being about 3000 sq.m. and the attendants not being a few, the work was not too difficult.
With a production of only 3500 bottles a year, the winery is a good example of what is called a micro-winery and because of such a small yield I hesitated for a while about publishing or not a page about it. This was an underestimation of the thirst and patriotism of the wine-loving public: there are may be a few bottles only, but they're distributed nation wide in good wine-shops and therefore the wine is well-known among the public of wine lovers.
I enjoyed this wine on site at the winery after the (not too much) hard work. 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, I could feel well the characteristics of the Cabernet Sauvigon, very similar to the ones of the most reputed Cabs from the north of the country, and the ones of a good israeli Merlot (a variety which leaves me less enthousiatic). I wouldn't describe the overall as complex but the wine is truely appealing, rich, soft, refreshing.
Conclusion : a fine wine, which can be kept for several years in a cellar and will surprise visitors who don't spend all of their leasure at looking at the wine scene in Israel.