Sure, these are not the best produced there, but this is already hard to afford them ! Not that they were bad but some were a little flat and most of the others quite unidimensional - talking about "wines of the new world", they are much more expensive than the australians without the emotion.
It seems that they're also a fashion there for tricky label shapes. I'm conscient that I own only 6 labels, but 5 of them had a shape other than the expected rectangle !
The special one is the Pinot Noir from Oregon. I had it 3 times by the last year and if I'm usually a lover of heavy wine, I was each time ravished by this very light wine, full of layers of fruity flavors. The surprise is that I recently read critics describing it as "Chewy" some months ago and today as passed, washed of, undrinkable... I'll try to understand where the gap is coming from when I'll open the next bottle.