A big melt of labels of wines I enjoyed during the trip, of some I enjoyed a little more than 15 years ago (guess which !) and of ones I didn't taste at all but which had labels I liked.
I had a limited consumption of Bordeaux during this trip, but I regret that I had to leave there the label of the "Château Batailley 1990" I had the last evening in Alsace.
A great time again with the few Rhônes we tried. Châteauneuf du Pape keeps one of the most aromatic fantasy I know and paired with a duck breath cooked with grapefruit, it was something close to heaven. The Hermitage tasted just like the ancester it is of all the australian Shiraz we so much enjoy at home. Just imagine about the expectations I have from the Côte Rôtie I brought with me !
Hard to tell about the two Jura I had 17 and 15 years ago, but a distinct souvenir of wines at their second peak. Forget about primary aromas of fruit, but many others caught their place in some totally fancy pattern. Why do you think I had to bring a bottle for the 20th aniversary of my elder boy in 2016 ?