Due to my origins, I travel to France more than to any other country. (Anyway my budget and the law about the vacations in Israel wouldn't leave me the possibility to make this and that). Nevertheless, it's only recently that I really started to exploit the potential of these trips.
This is not the place to tell more about what's great in french wines, or what can be disappointing. The point is that being myself french was at a first stage a handicap.
The french wine lover will almost always for the opportunity to find the reasonnably priced wine he'll be able to buy "primeur", one case or two. With a capacity reduced to my suitcase and a time of stay reduced to two weeks at best, it took me almost 10 years to understand that I have no room for gamble and must pick only a few bottles from very garanteed origins, with then the curious pleasure of being in Israel the happy owner of one bottle of "this" or one bottle of "that".
On site, I can't afford matured "Grand-Cru" (Ok, it happens also that I forget this), but I maintain that France can provide great enjoyment from more modest products. Finally, nothing being totallly programmed, this summarizes what happened...