Riga sprats with onion

Filet of pork with pistou sauce

Tomatoes filled with courgette

Cheese of goat milk

3 years ago, we visited friends in the south of France and she used to prepare for almost every dish a mix of tomatoe, basilic, garlic and olive oil she called pistou and that thing transformed instantly the soups, pastas or meats so I had to make the same here.
I actually cook the pork following a part of a recipe from the north of France. The israeli pork is delicious and cooked this way it never came out dry. The pistou makes it make the trip toward the south through the content of a single spoon. The tomatoes filled with courgette were a 5 mn preparation in a women magazine, and the sprats come from the Baltic sea, never mind, this is my south.
I chose wines which somehow reminded me the south of France.