Flamiche au poireau
(Covered pie of leek)

Tongue with pickled sauce



Choice of cheese

The tongue with the pickled sauce is the favorite meat of the kids, so I must cook this from time to time.
As for a family dinner, we chose to do it with one single wine, which, in order to bring some sun to the menu we chose aromatic.
The prices range from $ 7 to $ 25 in the selection below, sadly the more expensive being of course the better.
The Segal is the only "supermarket" wine, which finished its career there nowadays. It was a quite curious Cabernet in this I felt in it iodine tastes which drive me to make it a potential contributor to this menu.
The Saslove 98 is still young and turbulent. Later, it'll be more indicated for red meat, but its exhuberant fruit makes it already today a nice enjoyable company for this meal, such as the Chinon with its leather tastes.
Finally this Australian Shiraz showing even more fruit exhuberance is a simple pleasure !