If most of what's featured in this site is my input, I had to use some other elements than my photographs and the labels of my collection. If somebody is forgotten in the list below, please forgive me !
I also indicated here some of my favorite cooking books. I use a mix of french & israeli/hebrew books. Some israeli books are truely remarkable, often very cheap and usually involve ingredients easier to find than what's required in my french books.
Considering the software issue, I made the most part of the job using Notepad, the accompanying sofware of my scanner for the work on pictures and Gif Construction Set of
Mindworkshop and MapEdit of Boutell software.



The vine leaf featured as a background in most of my pages is from a label of Barkan. I could have used another and the wine is not their top product, anyway the graphism of this leaf is interesting enough to have driven Barkan to use it also as one of the main graphic element of their own web site at
Good work !



There's also a little personage in many of my pages, playing the role of a guide.
I took it from the label of Margalit. Once again I could have used another one but this one is sympathic, authentic and I like the label !



The barrel used in my wineries page is "stolen" from this animated GIF of the site of the French reknown manufacturer Seguin-Moreau, also popular in Israel.
Their site is at



The maps in my world pages are built from a blank map I found at
A good resource for webmasters.
You can click on the map to get a large view of it.



I built all my buttons from nuances of a beautiful wood texture I found at
A good resource for webmasters also !


Some of my favorite cooking books. My first one, recipes from Picardie (most unusual in Israel !), an original treaty about sauces, the bible of Iisrael Aharoni about meat, Japanese cuisine with israeli ingredients and more...