Not the best from this great region, but I don't like and can hardly afford buying a "Grand Cru" for drinking it on the same day. I have too much respect for them (and find also much pleasure in it !) so I prefer knowing that they are for several months or years in the quiet environment of the cellar.
Not many Chardonnay also. Sorry for the supporters of Chablis or other Montrachet, I would have felt that I was betraying Alsace by entering one of these for my little dinners.
Nevertheless, Pinot-Noir is a challenge and can be a fantastic temptation. You miss it, it can be watery, sour or alcoholic. You succed : it's so silky that I can be described as feminine, hiding under a mask of delicacy a fantastic powerful nose and a fantasy of aromas if one had the patience to let it mature.
Consequence of my advanced age and worthy experience (I like being modest), I can now hardly imagine a better companion for a little sophisticated preparation of meat.