My true love about white wines. Quite about the paroxism of exotic flavors with degrees of sweetness ranging from the most dry to the real extract for dessert.
Take a Muscat, a Pinot-Blanc or even an Edeldzwicker and you'll have the greatest aperitive one can dream of. Concentrate on Riesling and Tokay-Pinot-Gris, especially among the "Grand crus" and you'll be in the very heart of gastronomy. Then go for a Gewurztraminer or for one of the magical Botrytized "Vendance Tardive" or "Sélection de Grains Nobles" and you'll be inside the world of the decadent seducing dessert wines.
Being on site, I got good advices and while loughing after the last glass of Pinot-Blanc, I was encouraged about the little patience required for the big brothers. 10 years at least for the "Vendanges tardives", more for the "Grains Nobles" and why not 20 for a "Grand-cru" ?
For completing this page, I have to thank the wineries which provided me with labels, the ones with good advice about how peeling their labels, and all of them for the enjoynment I had from their products.